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The Employment Assistance Services (EAS) Coordinator’s office has been extremely busy this year in identifying programs and training which has been successful for the membership in their career choices which has been a strong focus on trades which will assist in the labour/workforce skills shortage.

Accomplishments (April 2016-March 31, 2017)
Summer of 2016 provided Summer Student –Youth Development to 10 student to gain work experience and career exploration in 2 areas such as “Summer Day Camp Workers” and “FireSmart Student Workers”.
The FireSmart student workers learned the importance of FireSmart your home by First Nations Emergency Services Society (FNESS) Representative and focus for this year was to complete a FireSmart L1 to the Elders homes of OKIB (on-reserve) approximately 52 homes. The L1 included light fuel reduction and removal in a 10 metre radius of the home, activities included debris removal from underside of steps, balcony’s, surrounding propane tanks and if necessary wood debris removal or relocating firewood stacks.

This platform allowed the students gain quality work experience they had little or no experience. Positive outcomes for the students is they enhanced a stronger understanding of expected norms and standards of health and safety precautions, strong communication skills, leadership principles’. Effective interpersonal skills and hands on and interactive work experience. As there were 52 homes, the lead hand would introduce the crew to the elder and explain the purpose of their visit while providing additional information to the elder about “FireSmart”...

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