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Essential Skills Investigation Video 1

The "ESI" (Essential Skills Investigation) video was produced in 2007, with the goal of increasing awareness of the central role of ESSENTIAL SKILLS in the workplace . This video explores the nine essential skills in an entertaining and revealing mission to solve a deadly puzzle.

ESI Agents are on a mission

They want to find out

  • who is responsible for this terrible accident
  • what really caused the explosion that killed Bill
  • why dinner led to disaster

A team of Essential Skills Investigators use all of their Essential Skills to search for answers to keep us safe.

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Investing In Our Future

Trades - Investing in our future - BC First Nations AHRDAS

Over the years there has been many collaborative between aboriginal people and the government of Canada and British Columbia to address knowledge and training in the trades.

Currently there are 10 successful First Nations Aboriginal Human Resources Development Agreements called (AHRDAS) operating in BC. They are located in diverse areas, each one unique and adapted to their particular community needs.

Aboriginal people from both urban and isolated communities gain excellent job skilled and certification in a trade through apprenticeship mentor ship programs and on the job training.

The benefits of such programs will ensure future employment and raise the standard of living for Aboriginal people. The benefits become an investment on the individual, family and ultimately the whole community.

This story showcases the future aboriginal work forces of British Columbia.

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